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Recognize Potensial in Ourself

Friday, March 14, 2014

     Every human being is created uniquely existence with all its potential or talent . But not many are able to know exactly what its potential . Our job as humans is to identify all the potential that God has given to us and use them in performing the tasks of daily life .
    In our lives , we can see a number of the potential in ourselves and in others . For example, there are people who are given the ability to be a leader who has the charisma and leadership skills are good , there is also a teacher who was given the ability to be able to manage the class and deliver lessons well , there is also a student who was given the ability to understand each lesson well , or ourselves that have the ability to soothe and make others feel comfortable when the person is sad , and so on . This is the potential of the abilities he or we have been in the womb , but it will evolve as new learning and experiences of our daily lives .

Then the potential of what I have? This question seems easy but difficult to answer . Because often our judgment of ourselves misses or deviated from what was really on us . Therefore , calmness and mental readiness that is required to be able to identify ourselves with the right potential . Basically potentials or talents that each person is different from one another , although there are similarities . One of the efforts that we can do is to self-reflection , which is an activity to see themselves more deeply by asking a number of questions ( more is better ) ourselves about ourselves and it's expected of us to answer questions honestly and openly . In order for these activities to be effective , then we need to seek a place or a conducive environment , which can deliver us the calmness / stillness and keberfokusan yourself . In addition to self-reflection , our potential can also be known through a series of psychological tests ( aptitude ) and we can also ask the people closest to us , to our parents or close friends , for example .

By knowing your own potential , we will feel more confident in performing each task in our lives . We can also take the appropriate decisions regarding career or life . In addition , our personal psychic will also feel comfortable because we do things according to our potential . Obviously this will have an effect on a lot of things in our life , shall appear in the first performance ( productivity ) of what we make or do or produce in our daily lives .

Thus , it is clear that understanding the potential of self is very important and it needs to be pursued by any person. Because by understanding and knowing the potential or the talent we have it , it can help us improve performance ( productivity ) we are better than the tasks or of what we do in everyday life . In addition , it is also the potential that will drive and motivate us to further improve the productivity of our daily lives . However , that needs to be remembered is that the potential is not a product or finished goods . Potential or talents that can improve the performance ( productivity ) of our life is the result or product of the learning experience and the experience of our daily lives that we reflect .


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