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Physical Education

Monday, September 23, 2013

Physical education is a process of a person as an individual and member of society who made ​​consciously and systematically through a variety of activities in order to acquire skills and physical skills, growth, intelligence, and character formation. Physical education is essentially a process of education that utilize physical activity to produce a holistic change in the quality of the individual, both in terms of physical, mental, and emotional.

The purpose of Physical Education

1.Growing self-management skills in the development and maintenance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles through physical activity and sport are selected

2.Increasing physical growth and psychological development of a better

3. Improve the ability and basic motor skills

4.putting foundation strong moral character through the internalization of the values ​​embodied in physical education, sport and health

5.Growing sportsmanship, honesty, discipline, responsibility, cooperation, self-confidence and democratic

6.Growing skills to maintain the safety of themselves, others and the environment

Physical education means education programs or games through movement and exercise. It contains the sense that movement, games, or certain sports are chosen merely a means to educate. It can be physical and motor skills, thinking skills and problem-solving skills, and can also emotional and social skills.Therefore, the entire scene in studying learning and sport movement was more important than the outcome. Thus, how teachers choose methods, involving children, interacting with students and stimulate student interaction with other students, should be the primary consideration.


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