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Education in Finland

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Do you know which country is the quality of education was ranked first in the world? If you do not know, why do not because there are many who do not know that the first rank for quality education is Finland. I rank this world is based on the results obtained Finnish comprehensive international survey in 2003 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The test known as PISA measures students' abilities in the areas of Science, Reading, and Mathematics. Remarkably, Finland not only excelled academically but also showed excel in the education of children mentally weak.
Briefly, Finland managed to make all the smart students. 

It turns out the key is located on the teacher quality. Finnish teachers are virtually teachers with the best quality with the best training anyway. Teaching profession itself is highly valued profession, even though their wages are not fantastic. With good quality of students and education and training of highly qualified teachers is not wrong if it is then they can become teachers with high quality as well. With the competencies they are free to use whatever method they like class, with which they design their own curriculum and text books of their own choosing. If other countries believe that the testing and evaluation for students is a very important part for the quality education, they seem to believe that the test and the testing that is destroying students' learning goals.

Students are encouraged to work independently with their own trying to find the information they need. Students learn more when they find themselves the information they need. We do not learn anything if we just write what is said by the teacher. Remedial is not considered a sign of failure but as
opportunity to improve. A teacher in charge of learning and behavioral problems of students create an individualized program for each student with emphasis on the objectives to be achieved. 

Rank only makes teachers focus on a handful of students that are considered best in its class. The greatness of the education system in Finland is a combination of high teacher competence, patience, tolerance and commitment to success through personal responsibility. If I fail to teach a student, a teacher, then that means there's something wrong with my teaching! Speech actually very responsible teacher.


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