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System Education

Friday, September 20, 2013


  Education of a nation's development agenda will never stop and finish. That is why the development of the field of education there will never be a limit. As long as humans exist, the issue of education will never disappear from the discourse of a nation. In contrast, the education sector in order to encourage all nations empowerment process, it must be planned and programmed in a systematic and proactive. To do this, we need to make efforts that are reflective and reformative. Reflective effort needs to be done so we do not repeat things that are wrong in the past. Not only that, with the efforts that are reflective, eventually we will be able to give meaning to a program and educational process in a more contextual. In that way, educational institutions can eventually unearth programs to empower learners. 

     Reformative efforts in the educational process is also very necessary that our education is not running in place. The main goal is to be reformative efforts in the education sector is to perform social reconstruction toward ideal form of civil society as aspired. With reformative efforts, all educational praxis as opposed to the process of democratization of life that is healthy, fair, and berharkat, need to be removed.

     In the field of education, the curriculum is an important element in any shape and any educational model. Without a curriculum, it was difficult to educational planners in achieving educational goals convening. Given the importance of the role of the curriculum, the curriculum needs to be well understood by all implementing curriculum. The ideal learning process is a learning process that is packed with attention to the various aspects of both the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. If the educational process can be carried out with attention the balance of the three aspects of education then the output will be able to anticipate the changes and progress of society.

     Conversely, if the process of learning to ignore these aspects and just focus on cognitive aspects, it would be another. Never expected output of education can translate necessarily anticipate the progress and development of society which has been running so fast. Therefore, we should be able to package the educational process with good education. In other words, the learning process we have to pay attention to aspects of creativity. Development of creativity of the learners who start early will be able to form the habit of thinking of learners that are beneficial to learners themselves in the future.


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