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Education is important?

Friday, September 20, 2013

     Education is one important thing that we noticed. Education basically gives us knowledge. But, what is happening now ? Education become a means to earn money, money and money. Various ways people do to get a Bachelor's label to be accepted at an institution. And not a few who took the paths that are not true that we are familiar with bribes bribing and nepotism. Though, education is not taught as it. Education is important, but very few people know the specific importance of education. Education is important, because it can be equipped to obtain a decent job.

     Education in general has meant a life in self-development process of each individual to live and sustain life. Education is the first time we get in the family, school and community environments. A child who loved to love his family, so the child will feel that a child needs in the family. Thus there will be a situation of mutual help, mutual respect, which strongly supports the development of children. At the family that gave the maximum growth opportunities, and development are the parents. In the family environment of self-esteem develops as valued, accepted, loved, and respected as a human.  That's the importance of why we become educated in the old family. Parents taught us start from childhood to respect others.

     While in the school environment to be both educational. How important is education ?. Teachers as media educators provide knowledge in accordance with the capabilities.The role of the teacher as an educator is to give support and encouragement role, as well as tasks related to disciplining children so that children can have a sense of responsibility with what he did. Teachers should also strive to be the lesson is always enough to attract children. In addition, the role of the community is also important for students. Thus when we interact with people, they will judge us, that knows where people are educated. In an age of Globalisation Era youth are expected to develop the knowledge acquired so do not be left behind in the times. That's the importance of being a well-educated in the Family, School, and Community.


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