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Character Education

Friday, September 20, 2013


     Personality is not a character. Everyone has a different personality. Each personality has drawbacks and advantages of each. Every man can not choose his personality, personality is a gift from God as the creator of human beings are born. And every person who has no definite personality weaknesses and strengths in aspects of social life and each individual. When each man learns to overcome his weaknesses and fix bugs and bring new positive habits then this is called the character. Person who is able to bring herself to be in a serious situation that needs peace and attention focus. That is character. Character education is the provision of views on various types of life values​​, such as honesty, intelligence, and other concerns.

     Character can not be inherited, the character can not be bought and character can not be exchanged. Characters must be consciously built and developed day by day through a procces that is not instant. Character is not something innate that can not be changed anymore like fingerprints. Character is the values ​​of human behavior related to  God, ourselves, our fellow humans, the environment, and nationhood. Character education also means making earnest efforts to awaken and strengthen the awareness and confidence. There is not a better future can be realized without honesty, without increasing self-discipline, without persistence, without the spirit of high learning, without developing a sense of responsibility, without fostering unity amidst diversity, without the spirit of contributing to the advancement of joint, as well as without a sense of confidence and optimism. Theodore Roosevelt said: "To educate a person in mind and not in Morals is to educate a menace to society".

     Character education will likely never ever touched a real if there is only limited understanding of the character or nature of information only without any action. In my country (Indonesia) character education has actually been around since the first such Ki Hajar revealed what Dewantara through Among Methods. It is family, school and community. Among children with the method is expected to grow as cultur historical. 


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