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how to promote the Indonesian education??

Thursday, September 26, 2013

To improve the quality of education we need to look at from many sides. Has many education experts expressed his opinion about the causes and solutions to overcome deterioration in the quality of education Indonesians. With the expert scientific input, the government does not keep silence so national education goals achieved.Scientific input delivered by experts from countries that successfully implement, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore have always led to the concept that not always can be adopted and adapted. Due to a variety of different backgrounds. Situation, condition, cultural background and mindset of our nation is certainly not homogeneous with countries that follow. In fact, the concept is imported it seem serve as a "project" that tend to the interests of certain individuals or groups. That is, the project not as a means but as an end.

Humans have a need that has five levels (hierarchy of needs) ie, ranging from physiological needs (food, clothing and shelter), safety needs (to avoid the fear of security problems), social needs (social), which reflects the need for price self, and the need to actualize themselves in the community. Abraham H. Maslow.
Educators and teachers as people expected as the spearhead of improving the quality of eager lift status and dignity. Services to major in education deserve to get intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that are not marginalized in society.

Phenomenon indicates that the quality of teacher professionalism is still low. Internal factors such as the income of teachers who have not been able to meet the physiological needs of the profession and is still considered a determinant factor. As a result, efforts to increase knowledge and insight to be hampered because of the inability of teachers financially in the development of human resources through improved education.

It also has the government realized that the training program is absolutely necessary because of the limited budget to improve teacher education. This training program is intended to produce teachers as skilled workers (skill labor) or with other terms that are competent teachers.


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